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Lisa Blackett

Coach/Trainer/Facilitator/Qualitative Researcher

My purpose is to facilitate and support Wellbeing for individuals, organisations and society. Wellbeing is simply the most important outcome we should be striving for at every level - individual, organisation, and the economy.

I support Wellbeing for individuals through resilience, and strengths-based coaching, grounded in neuroscience, mBIT, positive psychology and other evidence-based practices. I work with healthcare professionals, leaders in health and social care, people living with cancer or chronic conditions and young people.

For organisations, I facilitate Wellbeing strategy – enabling a more resilient workforce, more positively impactful outcomes and enhanced sustainability. I train leaders and teams in resilience, compassionate leadership, listening skills, decision-making, coaching approach and others.

My non-exec roles are closely aligned with my intention to have a positive impact on Wellbeing – in healthcare, young people and society. I am delighted to serve on the board of NHS National Services Scotland and Potential in Me.

I continue to work as a healthcare qualitative researcher on behalf of industry, charities and the NHS. My main areas of interest and expertise are oncology and human factors testing for medical devices and apps.

Nov. 21, 2021

If I Only Had a Brain - Using Multiple Brains for Better Decisions - …

Follow your heart, use your head, trust your gut. Which is a person to do? The neuroscience behind mBraining and Multiple Brain Integration Techniques (mBiT) tells us to do them all. A discussion with Lisa Blackett, certified mBIT coach and …

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