Element is Everything

Element is Everything

On the Element is Everything podcast, Terri Novacek connects with educators, parents, researchers, and authors to share, debate, and collaborate strategies for today to prepare for health, wealth, and happiness tomorrow. Each month Terri and the team will focus on a different topic as it relates to beliefs and behaviors which help you discover and develop your Element and help others do the same.

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Make Time to Find Your Element

Oct. 6, 2021

What do you want more of? Terri speaks with Connor Swenson about the Make Time framework for how to focus on what matters every day.

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Redefining Success

Sept. 11, 2021

Scott Schimmel, Founder, and CEO of You School walks us through the process of identifying what success looks like and explains why it is different for everyone. "Where do you go to figure yourself out?"

Personalized Learning Education Self-Determined Learning Self-Regulated Learning Creativity Student Ownership

Learning as a Fountain, Not a Drain

Sept. 3, 2021

Dr. Yong Zhao describes a new paradigm for assessment and technology in today's education system.

Guest: Dr. Yong Zhao
Self-Determined Learning Student Ownership Play

All Is Not Lost When There is Play

June 25, 2021

Play is self-determined learning at its best, Peter Gray author of Free to Learn states, nature does not turn off our desire and capacity to learn when children turn five or six, we turn it off with our coercive system of sc…

The Hidden Element in Your Play History

June 11, 2021

More and more research is showing there is a correlation between play deprivation and depression. Dr. Stuart Brown, who we will hear today is the founder of the National Institute for Play, and the author of the national bes…

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